Be Drunk With His Holy Spirit

Like a wine I shall let it flow
In the redness of intoxication
Drunk as I am
Not of wine but His Spirit

That you may know where I have been
That I may not hide that which I have seen
That I may not hide that which I have heard
For it surpasses words of mouth
His Wine – His Gushing Mighty Wind!
His Wine – His Unquenchable Holy Spirit

For should I utter it space shall not contain it
But in that seeing you do not see
That my wine has not gone off my eyes

In that have I slept and have woken up
Lingering upon my limbs in motion
That all eyes behold me, saying
“When shall thy awake out of His stupor?”

But I shall not for this is not my wine
For He has given me to drink of His Spirit
He has poured me His Spirit and I am drunk
For His is sweeter than all that ever come
Like the wine of Galilee has His been to me
In the gentleness of His heart He has let loose His Spirit
And I have been drunk of His Spirit

For none like His – Yea none like His
That I may let you taste of Him – His new wine
Yea, that you shall ever desire of Him

That I may give you a sip of His glass
And you shall call for His invitation card to party

“Seeing that my wine is sweeter than all
That I may use plainness of speech to you
That I may not hide myself from you
As a friend beholds his friend’s face
That I may make uncover the seal
That you may know that which is hidden
That which I have long hidden from thee
Which I have long concealed under the earth and in heaven
That I may lay it to the open
That I may reveal that which is yet to come
Lo, my Spirit shall not continually struggle with man for he is all flesh
That I may declare righteousness upon the earth
That my Glory may cover the earth as my waters cover the sea”

Behold the rumbling of the Lord – the word of His vengeance
Who shall stand His indignation?
I cannot hide it for it is too high for me
I cannot shield it for it is too bright for me
In His brightness, have I found myself
In His web of love have I discovered myself
Yea! Not to the hurt of my heart but to the comfort of my soul
For I have found Him that suits my soul
For I shall hide it no more

Seeing that you are in stupor of His Spirit too
Will you deny His love?
Seeing that you desire more of His wine
Will you not desire His joy forever?

Stay in, for I shall give of thee sips of His wine now and then
I have found, yea, and I shall not be denied
For in His hand is His glass that pours you now and then His sweet wine
And thou shall be drunk of Him and His wine – His Spirit
Which is good for thy soul
And which cheers you up

For sweet is His wine of color and taste
Of love and power
Of his purity and innocence
Of distinction and attraction
Of devotion and compassion
Of contentment and upliftment

Hurt Him not, for He shall not stay
I pray thee

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