Awake! Where Has Worship Gone?

Arise! Awake! Where Has Worship Gone? Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Give honor to Him

Prophetic Words, Life Experiences & Word of God

(I have pasted some YouTube videos of some old worship songs from Don Moen, Bob Fitts, Ron Kenoly, Phil Driscoll at the bottom of this write up. Stay till the end)

Being born again is a real experience. Like a friend of mine said, “if anyone can’t remember the unique experience or the period or circumstances that led to his or her being born again, then there is a question mark on that person’s salvation”. I totally agree. But my experience and that of my friends are distinct and memorable. We can’t forget it. Why should one forget the second birth into the Kingdom of God?

You didn’t have a say in how, when and where you were born as a baby. You parents did not consult you to make a decision. You just came as ordained by God Almighty. But guess what? The second birth has to do with…

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