Chanting in the Holy Ghost!

An outburst of the Spirit. The chanting in the Spirit. “Skydiving” in the spirit in utter liberty to the presence of God.

What a liberty to know and approach Jehovah God with such boldness and liberty. The veil is ever torn. Dive in and cruise in the spirit to the Throne of the Most High above the heavens.

The veil is forever torn. Jesus our Mediator has broken the seal and reconciled us to the Father of all spirits.

The One who sits majestically on His Eternal Throne worshiped by innumerable angels and 24 elders. The Most High!

Never stop. Never take less for more! It’s short change. Feel free! Freedom in the Spirit!

Holy Ghost!!!!

May we never lose the fire of the Holy Ghost. May God keep us on that fire forever!

God’s presence is so sweet!

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