About Us

Welcome to ChangeMyLife Online Blog where we share the Word of God in poetry, life experiences and prophecy with the ultimate goal that The Word will bless those that read.

ChangeMyLife is not a church and the views on all the articles are inspired by the Holy Ghost through prayers and fellowship with God; above all they are strictly anchored on the undiluted Word of God that is able to save to the utmost parts of the earth. His Words are life. The Word edifies, comforts and exhorts. The Word is not bound by time or location, able to save anyone that calls on Him. The challenges of life cannot overcome The Word. It is our Light to shine and overcome all the phases of life.

We are born-again children of God that believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; believe in Jesus as a Saviour; believe in becoming like Him through the Word; believe in His second coming and focus primarily on promoting the Kingdom of God.

As mandated by our Lord Jesus Christ, we seek first Him and His Kingdom. And our meat, like Jesus Christ, is to do His Will and Finish His Work.

We aspire to know Him more and be transformed into Him.

God bless you as you read His Word. As you are blessed by the articles, please share with friends, family and those that need the solace from God’s Word.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His Righteousness.

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