Where are the Healing Testimonies?

Oh, how I wish John G Lake, William Seymour were still alive!

How I wish Smith Wigglesworth was still alive!

How I wish Coronavirus came in their days? We would have had a wonderful show of God’s Power and Glory!

Where are the healing testimonies?

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Me and GOD: Let’s settle now – Part One

There are many voices upon the earth. People connect with one another by language. It is part of culture. As they say “language is the voice of love”.

How do you spend your time?

And it is that person you spend most of your time talking to, sharing moments with that you are likely to be close to.

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Me and GOD: Let’s settle now – Part Two

Man fell into sin. God’s heart was broken! He punished man! Man and God became estranged. Man broke up with God. Man went His own way. Jilted God for other gods. Man sought other gods; another pleasure to fill his heart; man sought after money, alcohols, drugs, ambition, position, earthly powers.

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Me and GOD: Let’s settle now – Part Four

Why have you relegated Him to the background of your life? Why do you only go to Him when you need something? 

He is God!!! 

He has been chasing you all your life. If you haven’t given in to Him, today is the day. If you have and you have abandoned Him, this is your chance to come back to Him. 
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The Lord at Mount Carmel: Prove your Power!

The Lord rode furiously upon Mount Carmel. A great contest of who the Lord of the Heavens and Earth is!

“Bring them to my mountain. Let them declare if they are mine. Let them declare if I have sent them. Let them roar and cry in their bosom. Let them decree a thing.

For I the Lord sits on my throne and incline my ears to the earth to behold crying from the earth. Let them speak if I have sent them. Let them utter their words. For their words are stout towards me.
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Seek God for Yourself!

Where are you at the moment? How is the fire on your altar towards the Consuming Fire?

What have you been spending your time doing since you knew the Lord? You have been busy like Martha serving tables and seeking the praises and glory of men. Is your heart still burning with fire to the Lord? Do you hear Him the way you used to from the day you met Him? Where have you gone out of the way? Click the title to read the whole post…

What if the mountain does not move?

That’s a good question we all need to ask ourselves. We have faith, so have we prayed. But what if the mountain doesn’t move what else do we do? Does it mean the Lord is not hearing us? Does it mean you are less righteous? Does it mean you have not done all required of you?
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