What if the mountain does not move?

That’s a good question we all need to ask ourselves. We have faith, so have we prayed. But what if the mountain doesn’t move what else do we do? Does it mean the Lord is not hearing us? Does it mean you are less righteous? Does it mean you have not done all required of you?
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A Little Act of Kindness

When last did you take a look at the neighbors next to you and show some kindness? When last did you lift up your heads and behold that brother or sister beside you who is going through so much pain? Where has the love gone to? Why have we become so deeply engrossed in our own world that we so neglect the brotherly love? Why have we so neglected our First Love? We all clamour for survival. Where has kindness gone? Where has love gone?
Where is the great grace and great power that the early church operated in? Why are we denying the needy around us? Why are we closing our eyes to the agony of people next to us? Click the heading to read more on the act of kindness and love

A Daughter of The King

Be virtuous! Like a damsel, she walks down the green grasses, adorned in meekness of heart. Be virtuous as your Father. Beauty of holiness. Garment untainted. Righteousness like rivers. Let not the society define you. Head raised high in honour of the King of Kings. The daughter of the Most High, clothed in majesty. Walking majestically down the road. She has not sold her birthright. She beholds every good things. Comely in appearance like a morning dove. She is gorgeous, elegant, favoured by His Father’s angels. Who can ignore her beauty? Who can wave off her meekness?

Even if you have sinned, do not bury yourself alive. Go before the Lord today and genuinely ask for forgiveness. He will forgive you and restore you…click the heading to continue reading.

Mighty Outpouring of The Holy Spirit

On a particular Sunday, I was listening to the Word of God in a church. The resident pastor was just praying and charging, getting ready to enter his sermon. I quietly asked myself (now I believe the Holy Ghost heard) – “How do we even edge you out gradually Holy Spirit? Is our charisma now dousing your influence to do your work in our midst?”
Like a blast, I heard in my ears, “As wind blows and no man knows where it is coming from or going to, so is My Spirit. I give my Spirit without measure. I am coming in a mighty rushing wind.” I started hearing Azusa Revival. Azusa Revival. Azusa Revival like in the days of William Seymour. What does this mean?…Click the heading to read more

Stand Up For the Right Things

When a bad decree was issued against the Jews in the days of King Ahasuerus, the Jews including Mordecai went into great mourning. It was a great moment of distress when a whole remnant of Israel was bound to be destroyed under the most powerful empire in the world.

Queen Esther (a Jew and a wife of King Ahasuerus) having heard of this sent royal garments to Mordecai (her uncle) to clothe himself and stop crying.

Palliative measure was her first response – not finding out what happened. She wanted to deal with the symptoms rather than the cause…click the heading to continue reading

My First Vision of The Lord (Part 3)

I had gone to fellowship with Him one early morning around 3 a.m at the chapel overflow (outside porch) facing a densely thick swampy parcel of land. When I got to the chapel, everywhere was silent. One voice whispered to me, “Supposing the cult boys or bad people show up now to kill you?” I screamed from within me “Shurrrup! (slang for Shut up) I am before the Lord. No harm can come near me now!” Whoa! Where did that come from? Suddenly, the Lord began to descend from heaven…click the heading to continue reading

My First Vision of The Lord (Part 4)

Encounter with the Lord is for all His children to desire. He is Lord unto all that believes in Him. These diverse manifestations are for all His children. He wants them to know Him and He, know them. He wants to lead us into His perfect purpose. He wants His Kingdom to be enthroned upon the earth. He wants us as His Bride to come to the full stature of Himself. His Heart “bleeds” when He sees us tossed to and fro, not knowing our authority in Him and His will for us.

The Lord is seeking relationship with us. I hear the Lord saying now, “I am seeking relationship from my people. Come unto me. Click the heading to continue reading

My First Vision of The Lord (Part 2)

The Lord is seeking relationship with us. I hear the Lord saying now, “I am seeking relationship from my people. Come unto me. For I have longed desired My bride to fellowship with Me but they will not. Will you seek Me and My Kingdom? Will you proclaim Me to the gentiles? Will you fill the earth with My glory? Come unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things. Will you glorify My Father on the earth? Will you go for Me? Will you fulfill My heart desire? I am coming and my reward is with me.”Click the heading to continue reading

My First Vision of The Lord (Part 1)

I met the Lord just in my final year in the university – in a Spirit filled campus fellowship that was full of young men and women from diverse backgrounds. Both rich and poor. Young and old. A wind of revival had began to sweep across the land in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Much later I could count and see the industry experts, accomplished professionals from all walks of life; business executives, the “yuppies” all trouping to the Lord. The Revival of the Holy Spirit had hit Nigeria, especially Lagos! Click the heading to continue reading to see how I hear the Lord for the first time.