Tell Me, What Is “IJN” In Your Prayer?

I woke up this morning to a Whatsapp message from a cousin getting married tomorrow in a far away land. I’m happy for her.

As we started chatting, I reckoned there were some prayers bubbling in my heart for her. So I started releasing them and at the end of the prayers I wrote In Jesus Name!

Then and then my flash point began. In Jesus Name! Why didn’t I end it with IJN? I quickly tweeted on my TL – “When ur prayers are not answered don’t blame God o, because He doesn’t know who’s IJN at d end of your prayers. You are on your own! Kontinu”…Click the heading to continue reading

Brokenhearted? You Can Be Healed

Are you going through anguish of heart? Are you going through heart ache? The pain is so much that you wonder if you will wake up tomorrow! Your heart pounding heavily under your chest as though you are about to suffer heart attack? Do you utter “This is too much for me to bear, Lord. I feel worthless, totally rejected. No value in me. Rejected by someone I so trust. Worst sinner that cannot find your mercy. Cast out before your face. Smitten so badly. Hurt so bad. Given up to the will of my enemies, rejoicing at me, mocking and laughing at my trouble. Triumphing over my calamities. My anguish. I can’t bear it anymore.” The Balm of Gilead is here to heal you. The One that says “Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden” is here to help you. Don’t miss the so great salvation…click the heading to continue reading


To whom shall we compare them.
Yea, rubies cannot be their prices!
Nor gold, nor silver
For their price passes the value of the earth.
She is sought for
but freely given to the souls of the thirsty.
Let not the heart deceive, for when sorrow looms in the depression of tears and pains; when the cringe of space exerts upon the fleshy bones of the infants
In the pangs of hunger and thirst; there the lullaby of her voice urges the dim faces to sweet sleep…click the heading or image to continue reading

His Presence

Eye may not see it; people may not behold it, but I know it. Like the call of the day in the birth of the dawn; as the cocks crow at the pitch of their voices;
As the womb of the morning witnesses the gliding pace of the dark metamorphosing from black to blueness of the light; as the day dawns and the Daystar arises in my heart; My heart awakes to thy melody. My hope leaps in Your Everlasting Nature
Beholding the freshness of the wind.
Shhhh! Silence as the God of All Flesh is here!…click the heading or image to continue reading