A Daughter of The King

Be virtuous! Like a damsel, she walks down the green grasses, adorned in meekness of heart. Be virtuous as your Father. Beauty of holiness. Garment untainted. Righteousness like rivers. Let not the society define you. Head raised high in honour of the King of Kings. The daughter of the Most High, clothed in majesty. Walking majestically down the road. She has not sold her birthright. She beholds every good things. Comely in appearance like a morning dove. She is gorgeous, elegant, favoured by His Father’s angels. Who can ignore her beauty? Who can wave off her meekness?

Even if you have sinned, do not bury yourself alive. Go before the Lord today and genuinely ask for forgiveness. He will forgive you and restore you…click the heading to continue reading.

The Lord Our Shepherd

The Lord Our Shepherd! Leading us beside the still waters. Listen my soul to the sound of His music. His Own hears Him. He leads His Own. The Shepherd of our Soul. Through the valley and mountains, there you are with us, guiding us by pillars of cloud and fire.
A great witness of those before us, cheering us forward.
To the innumerable company of Angels
Heeding His Words and performing His Words. I will lift up my eyes unto the hill, to the Everlasting Rock from where all were created.
I will rejoice in the God of my salvation, praising His Holy Name. I will shout of your goodness in the midst of your people…click the heading to continue

Weeping Endures For A Night (Part 2)

Yea, the Lord has gone forth as a mighty man
Like a lion He roars in the desert. Who can stand Him? He has stirred up jealousy like a man of war
He has roared His voice
Yea, He roars!
He prevails against his enemies. Rest, my soul, for He has gone forth like a man of war. He shall return with His spoils…click the heading to continue reading

Even Though The Party Is Over (Part 2)

Like a jealous lover, there is That who
Overly reaches out to me
Love that knows no bound
That knows no end of days
That knows no season – but endless season

Get thee behind me!
For I know better
Riches will fade away
Garments will roll up like sky
Wine will dry up
But there is that which never ends…click the heading to continue reading

Hope (Part 2)

Let hope rise in your heart. As the day dawn and the Bright Morning Star arise, awake to His strength. Awake to His Honour. A new day of glory, adorned with grace and beauty of holiness…click the heading to continue reading

Hope (Part 1)

Hope! Hope!! Hope in the Lord, my heart. In the heart of darkness is hidden the birth of a new day. Gloomy and shadowy as the valley of death. As silence and hollowness rent the wilderness of Kadesh, the wilderness so fearful and tiresome was the son of man in pursuit of life. Oh, man! That we would know where He dwells. That we might know the greatness of His power towards us who believe. Dwell Him in a house of cedar or bricks? No! A body He has prepared – an earthen vessel of His likeness and imagery – and inside He dwells…click the heading or title to read more

Even Though The Party Is Over (Part 1)

Yesterday I prepared for the revelry. Oh, in exhilaration of festivity was I, being stung inwardly with the glow of affection and joy – for the day of my forward-looking thoughts and love was creeping in like the daylight. Aglow! My heart was. Merry, Oh, merry, you are a food for the solitude – a comforter of the lonely. Faces of pleasure met my eyes at merry gathering. The damsels blinked and beamed with smiles; and laughter caught up their eyes. All cheered and joyed…click the heading or image to continue

Be Drunk With His Holy Spirit

Like a wine I shall let it flow in the redness of intoxication. Drunk as I am, not of wine but His Spirit. That you may know where I have been; that I may not hide that which I have seen; that I may not hide that which I have heard. For it surpasses words of mouth; His Wine – His Gushing Mighty Wind! His Wine – His Unquenchable Holy Spirit. For should I utter it space shall not contain it. But in that seeing you do not see that my wine has not gone off my eyes
Seeing that you are in stupor of His Spirit too. Will you deny His love?…click the heading or image to read more


Let me stay on that where my heart lays; the Rock above all rocks; My King of Glory – the Tower of Refuge – My King!
Have you seen His glorious Majesty adorned in strength like a morning sun?
Adorned in fire announcing His arrival? The Consuming Fire!
Hey, Eru Jeje! Arugbo Ojo! Arabata Ribiti! Mighty Rock of Ages!
My King that spreads the sky like a curtain! Flavor and comeliness as sweet as roses of the field
Yea, Lily of the Valley! In the warmth of the morning He springs forth. In the beauty of His holiness He exalts the throne of grace. Hey, come and receive boldness; come and receive His favour and mercy that never fail. Yea!…click the image or heading to continue