The Lord at Mount Carmel: Prove your Power!

The Lord rode furiously upon Mount Carmel. A great contest of who the Lord of the Heavens and Earth is!

“Bring them to my mountain. Let them declare if they are mine. Let them declare if I have sent them. Let them roar and cry in their bosom. Let them decree a thing.

For I the Lord sits on my throne and incline my ears to the earth to behold crying from the earth. Let them speak if I have sent them. Let them utter their words. For their words are stout towards me.
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Beat Your Plowshares Into Swords

Arise O ye mighty men and women of valour! Arise! Beat your plowshares into swords! Arise The Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Arise in Your Strength Oh Lord of Hosts. The LORD SABAOTH! Arise in Your Mighty Strength and prevail over Your enemies in this hour in the Power of Your Glory. Roar out of Your Temple! Show forth the Rod of Your Strength.

It is time for Your Victory. Declare Your Majesty upon the earth in this hour. Bring to earth a new dimension of Your Kingdom, Your Power, Your Glory, Your Honour. Arise Oh Lord, like a Man of War. Let Your enemies be scattered. Let them that hate You flee before You. You are Mighty God! Mighty in battle!! Click the heading to continue reading

The Word of The Lord!

The mighty God thunders with His voice like many waters. I hear the the LORD saying, “You shall be healed this month.” The ONE who sits on the mighty horse said, “The doors shall be opened today. I have come to give gifts to my people; I have come to reward my servants; those that serve me and those that worship me. I have come in the power of my might to release men into that which I have called them. Arise and behold my glory. Arise and behold my healing arm. My power is coming down like never before. My new watch. My new season. Arise the mighty east winds. Blow upon the earth.”
“Get ready!” I heard the Spirit of God saying. “Get ready for the journey is here. Get ready for my new day. Get ready for my work. Get ready for that which I have been speaking to your heart for ages. Get up and do that which I have commanded you. Get up and do my eternal will. The days are shortened. The years are close by. My days are here like the days of Elijah. In the strength of My Power, My People shall advance My Kingdom.” Click the heading to continue reading

Don’t Share God’s Glory

Do you feel offended when they do not call you in a special way or make obeisance in a particular way?

Do you cringe and ignore them when they do not call you by the title of your calling? Do you feel insulted when they mistakenly call you brother so-and-so or sister so-and-so? Let’s check our hearts.

When we start cringing at the non-commissioned titles that new converts or non-ordained brother or sister or that fellow call us, we need to check our heart. Pride is subtle and is the only trigger that makes Jehovah God to resist us. Click the heading to continue reading

Forget Not The Orphans!

Forget not the orphans! I heard. Forget not those that anxiously desire better days. Looking earnestly to the help that comes from outside. Is this not the fast that I have commanded thee – that you share your bread with the hungry? Clothe the naked? House the homeless? You call me Lord but seek your own. Every man seeks their own ways. Where is my love? Where is my kingdom? Every man seeks his own things – his own food, shelter and clothes. But neglect my kingdom…click the title to continue reading

“Make Me Your Temple”

“Make me your temple. Make me your temple”. I heard. Then, I saw a winged being with flute in its mouth – white as snow – flying across the sky, shouting “Make Him your temple. Make Him your temple. Go into Him and dwell in Him. The season has changed. Make Him your temple. Arise! Go into Him. Moses went into God. He was His temple. Make Him your temple. The Glory of the Lord shall cover you.”…click the heading and title to continue reading

A New Day

This is a new day; this is a new season that I have spoken in time past; this is the era and the dispensation of my grace like never before. Let not your heart say “What is this that we are beholding?” for you will not understand, for by My Spirit I shall make known Myself, by My Spirit I shall reveal Myself, line by line, and precept upon precept.

For so shall I cause it to lighten the gentiles and to brighten the shadow of death. Say not “We know not His ways”, for my ways are not your ways, for now I take away that which is first that I may establish the second…click the heading or image to continue reading

Governance Code 2016 for NFPO

Pondering on this subject, the church needs to be careful and wise on how the NFPO governance code 2016 is implemented and sustained. The Lord Jesus said to Pilate that “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above.” We know what that means. If the Financial Regulation Council (FRC) governance code for Not-For-Profit Organisations (NFPO) has been fought and yet it survives till now. There is something we need to ponder on. No power or law can come to the earth against the church except it is permitted by heaven…click the heading or title to read more

This Hour!

This is the time. Now is the time when the church of our LORD shall be exalted above the mountain, above the hills; the glory of the LORD, the hour of His beauty; the shining forth of His Excellency and power to the inhabitants of the earth.

For in time past, they have despised His church, they have lightly esteemed the Most High. But now shall He arise; now shall He cause His rain to fall upon the earth…click the heading or image to continue reading