Brokenhearted? You Can Be Healed

Are you going through anguish of heart? Are you going through heart ache? The pain is so much that you wonder if you will wake up tomorrow! Your heart pounding heavily under your chest as though you are about to suffer heart attack? Do you utter “This is too much for me to bear, Lord. I feel worthless, totally rejected. No value in me. Rejected by someone I so trust. Worst sinner that cannot find your mercy. Cast out before your face. Smitten so badly. Hurt so bad. Given up to the will of my enemies, rejoicing at me, mocking and laughing at my trouble. Triumphing over my calamities. My anguish. I can’t bear it anymore.” The Balm of Gilead is here to heal you. The One that says “Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden” is here to help you. Don’t miss the so great salvation…click the heading to continue reading

Weeping Endures For a Night (Part 1)

‘Take heart children,’ mother consoles. But sorrow has conquered it. But weeping endure for a night. Joy comes in the morning, when tears shall cease falling; when child shall weep no more; and the storm shall blow calm; and the sunlight shall pierce out after rain – A new dawn, glorious in His holiness. Rest, my soul, for He has gone forth like a man of war. He shall return with His spoils. Glorious than former
Exalting the Throne of Grace! Alas! Envy not for great is His faithfulness…click the heading or image to continue

His Visitation

The city of dust and confusion. Hmm, upon the dusty path I began to walk in the reluctance of my motion; at the baptism of its scorching sun. Behold the scenery of faces angered, desperate to the needs of life. Faces in heart-woven masks of cruelty and anger; in unrestful stances of nerves with pumped muscles toned to the drudgery of the days. Males and females not excluded; Young and old flocking in this race for survival. There I arrive myself; there the Light of Heaven shines. Awake in Your Strength, Oh Ancient of Days!The Majesty in His Glory…click the heading or image to continue reading

It Is Appointed Unto Man

It is appointed unto man once to die after which it is God’s judgement (Hebrews 9:27).

That is the reality of all human beings on the face of the earth, be it black or white, African or Asian, American or Europeans. Irrespective of tribes, age, language. Man (used as generic for male or female) was created by God and man found himself inside this globe called the earth (Genesis 1). He has no control over when he was born or when he dies. There is only One God! Name all the evil occurrence of today…click the heading or image to continue reading

You Are Not Condemned!

No matter what people say, no matter how horrible your life is. No matter the situation you are going through. No matter how unfair life is to you. Jesus said, “God did not send Me to condemn You but that through Him you might be saved” John 3:17.

Through Him! You are not condemned by Him. But through Him you can be saved from all your troubles and woes! From all rejection, from all loneliness, from all heart aches, from all diseases, from all disappointments! Only through Him! Jesus Christ…click to continue