What should be our response in this hour, these days? Bind? Cast out? What else have we not done?

Why has the Lord withheld this from many, even the great ones, the seers…
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Let the fire fall!

Let the fire fall. The God that answers by fire let Him be my God! When the fire of God fell in the olden days, it brought revival and transformation in the hearts of men and women. Elijah called on God and revival hit the land.

In our days, the revival starts in our hearts.

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Chanting in the Holy Ghost!

An outburst of the Spirit. The chanting in the Spirit. “Skydiving” in the spirit in utter liberty to the presence of God.

What a liberty to know and approach Jehovah God with such boldness and liberty. The veil is ever torn. Dive in and cruise in the spirit to the Throne of the Most High above the heavens.

The One who sits majestically on His Eternal Throne worshiped by innumerable angels and 24 elders. The Most High! Click the title to read the whole post…

A Little Act of Kindness

When last did you take a look at the neighbors next to you and show some kindness? When last did you lift up your heads and behold that brother or sister beside you who is going through so much pain? Where has the love gone to? Why have we become so deeply engrossed in our own world that we so neglect the brotherly love? Why have we so neglected our First Love? We all clamour for survival. Where has kindness gone? Where has love gone?
Where is the great grace and great power that the early church operated in? Why are we denying the needy around us? Why are we closing our eyes to the agony of people next to us? Click the heading to read more on the act of kindness and love

Beat Your Plowshares Into Swords

Arise O ye mighty men and women of valour! Arise! Beat your plowshares into swords! Arise The Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Arise in Your Strength Oh Lord of Hosts. The LORD SABAOTH! Arise in Your Mighty Strength and prevail over Your enemies in this hour in the Power of Your Glory. Roar out of Your Temple! Show forth the Rod of Your Strength.

It is time for Your Victory. Declare Your Majesty upon the earth in this hour. Bring to earth a new dimension of Your Kingdom, Your Power, Your Glory, Your Honour. Arise Oh Lord, like a Man of War. Let Your enemies be scattered. Let them that hate You flee before You. You are Mighty God! Mighty in battle!! Click the heading to continue reading

A Daughter of The King

Be virtuous! Like a damsel, she walks down the green grasses, adorned in meekness of heart. Be virtuous as your Father. Beauty of holiness. Garment untainted. Righteousness like rivers. Let not the society define you. Head raised high in honour of the King of Kings. The daughter of the Most High, clothed in majesty. Walking majestically down the road. She has not sold her birthright. She beholds every good things. Comely in appearance like a morning dove. She is gorgeous, elegant, favoured by His Father’s angels. Who can ignore her beauty? Who can wave off her meekness?

Even if you have sinned, do not bury yourself alive. Go before the Lord today and genuinely ask for forgiveness. He will forgive you and restore you…click the heading to continue reading.